Man Needs To Kill……

So the heading seems rather harsh and I am talking about men specifically and their need to bloody kill everything! Don’t get me wrong so am not talking about the need to feed the human race I am talking about just killing stuff because it doesn’t seemingly belong.

On this farm we had a resident dingo, yes they are predators, yes they are usually dangerous, but we have been here for nearly 3 years, had quite a few dingos on here and not had one occasion of trouble from any of them. We have had some very sick calves here that would have been easy prey for a couple of dingoes, but no, we have not had any issues. I even have a chihuahua that runs around outside chasing everything that moves and she hasn’t even been attacked which is very odd if you have a dingo problem.

This one particular little dingo we have been watching since she was a pup. We think she was born here and she is the last of the dingoes that we have seen. The rest have been trapped by neighbours and killed. This little girl seemed to know when it was safe to come out and hunt for mice and rabbits etc. Lately she has been come very complacent and bold and just walked around in broad daylight. She had one move of cows that she liked to hang around with. She used to play with them, and yes it was play she wasn’t attacking them, the cows always had the upper hand and they used to chase her well before she started. Don’t worry we used to watch her closely and any signs of aggression towards the calves would have been met accordingly. But she was never aggressive only playful and happy. She used to play with one of our horses who would chase her around the paddock.

The owners of this property are hunters. They go to game parks overseas to kill large game animals. They have another huge property elsewhere that was full of deer of course they killed them all. Anyway, they used to see this little girl every now and then but never had their guns on them. Well today the eldest brother got her. She was that quiet that she would have just been sitting there watching them and taking it all in. The only good thing is that this dude is a crack shot so it would have been a straight kill and she wouldn’t have suffered.

I just don’t get why if there is no harm being done why there is a need to kill something anyway just because it doesn’t fit. Just as well that doesn’t go with humans as well because I would have been a goner a looooong time ago. I don’t fit either. Man kills everything, God, Jesus, now the human spirit by locking everyone away. Argh, it’s Christmas and I definitely feel like the happiness grinch today!

I know dingoes are a perceived pest but I am very irritated at this lack of compassion for a wee little dog doing no harm to anyone or anything. Shit, there is a cat that lives here that one of the workers left when they moved on, that cat has never been attacked it still lives here. Country people can be rather harsh and emotionless when it comes to stuff like this but it is bred in them. One of the other managers here has daughter who are all pre teen and will kill anything even tiny birds in a nest. I was horrified. I guess that’s the city upbringing in me, I just can’t stand cruelty to animals and unnecessary death. It’s something that I have to deal with to live this life successfully, but it isn’t easy.

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