It’s Time To Re-Group

So we got a few things wrong with this vegetable garden like planting tomatoes before the trellis was built and planting too many cucumbers and zucchini’s. plants need air around them to breathe and without air circulating around them fungus forms. Our zucchini’s ended up with white mould but they still continued to produce. The other thing I found very different between store bought and home grown is that the home grown don’t last as well as store bought. As soon as you pick home grown you want to eat it straight away or it’s starts to wilt especially the zucchini’s and cucumber. Not sure why this happens but it’s another thing we have learned.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this trial garden and we are determined to go again. This coming weekend we will get out there, pull out and re-fertilise the beds and get them ready for another round of planting. I also bought rockmelons and watermelons the other day so I need to get them in the ground ASAP!

The other thing I have learned is that a garden of this size takes a fair amount of work, which I have not been able to do over the past couple of weeks. The heat here is insane and menopause has not been kind lately. I just need to get more organised with stuff and get into the garden late in the evening once it has cooled down. Organisation is key and I have never been great at that but there is always room to learn new skills!

The Asian greens and lettuce have gone to seed and the corn is all but done.
The Shallots have done really well but need to be weeded.
I have a rosella bearing lots of fruit but not too sure when to pick them. There is also pineapple sage flowering madly.
The Zuchinni’s have taken a bit of a battering from the heat and white mould.

Check out the vege garden now!

It’s been quite some time since I have posted but it’s 2020 and nothing is easy, straight forward or even normal and things are just getting in the way. But, after giving myself some space over the last couple of days I have had time to get some pics of my flourishing vege garden to share.

I think it’s been about 6 weeks since my last update which is super slack I know but life just keeps twisting around doesn’t it, but anyway, we are now eating out of our garden and the taste is quite different. We have zucchini’s ready to eat, cucumbers, peas, beans, asian greens, parsley and basil. Almost ready are the tomatoes, corn, beetroot and capsicum. We have decided that at some stage in the future we are going to extend the garden and always have things planted, ready to go. I have to say this garden is a lot of work, a lot of water and a lot of power running the pumps to water it, but it’s the most wonderful place to sit and de-stress which is exactly what I have been doing over the last couple of days. Sitting amongst the veges, eating peas, talking to God and escaping the massive crap show the world is right now! The other awesome thing about my garden is there are literally no pests. We have not sprayed the veges with anything, I hand weed, (we did spray the edges with an organic spray), and no pests. I put it down to really healthy plants, good soil preparation and a prayer on my tongue! Anyway here it is, what do you think?

Peas aren’t supposed to be growing this time of year in our area it’s too hot but look at them!