We hear a lot about grandmothers and Nannee’s and how kids love to visit their grandmothers but very little is usually mentioned about the grandfathers. Like my grandkids always say Nannee’s Place, lets go to Nannee’s, can we stay at… Read More ›


Well this could ruffle some feathers and upset some MEN out there but guys this one’s for YOU! Menopause, that dreaded time in your wife’s life where your world is going to be turned upside down, and you will have… Read More ›

I Bombed…

Oh wow I bombed on the daily scripture didn’t I? I really wanted to do that everyday for people and then life got in the way again.I am battling at the moment, being middle aged, being a failure, being a… Read More ›

Saturday Travels

So today saw us decide to get our jobs done early and head off for a day of peace and quiet and no work.  We headed for the bush. Going up the mountain, through the native forest, the road rough… Read More ›

Home Made Fungicide

Natural Homemade Plant Fungicide Works A Treat I found this on the net today just fumbling around and I think it’s quite a good idea. I am all for alleviating some of the chemicals that we are putting on, around… Read More ›

The Farm

A lot of people will never experience the joys of living on a farm and probably most don’t want to, it’s an acquired taste, something you really WANT to do…. When we first took on this job and moved out… Read More ›