Saturday Travels

So today saw us decide to get our jobs done early and head off for a day of peace and quiet and no work.  We headed for the bush. Going up the mountain, through the native forest, the road rough as guts, and the track steep as buggery, it’s one of our favorite things to do, sadly we don’t have time to go there much anymore, but today we decided its time to take a break and head up.  Surrounded by nothing but the native bush, wattle, gum trees, bush banksia and maybe the odd yowie, the ambience is so serene, there is something to be said about the rejuvenating power of the forest. I read an actual scientific report about it once and there are certain energies that are produced by the trees that react with the chemical composition in our bodies to relieve stress and get us re grounded and energized. Normally I would have thought what a lot of hippie mumbo bloody jumbo, as a Christian women I don’t believe all that crap, had I not experienced it every single time we went up there. My hubby always knew when it was time to head up the mountain by my own energy and moods.  This environment is as fresh and clean as you can get, there is no one else up there, you may pass the odd farmer but that is rare, the road is incredibly rough in places and most people are happy to avoid that.  The sad thing about our trips up there these days is that once upon a time there used to be a LOT of deer. There would not be a trip when we wouldn’t see deer or wild pigs. Nowadays we don’t see anything, it has become very trendy to be a hunter and get the trophy in this country and it shows by the lack of wildlife.  I understand hunting for food, but hunting for the trophy I am dead against.  It was still an amazing day though and one that did my soul the world of good AND what we did see was some buffallo on our way back home. They were happily grazing on the side of the road, they had clearly gotten out of their paddock this is something we don’t see a lot of this far South so it was pretty cool!

Back to work tomorrow, farming for hubby, online for me.


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